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3rd of March 3016

29 Jan

I tried extra hard at Tai Chi today so that Mr Tong would see how good our class was. Elcob kept falling over, he isn’t very good. Mr Tong told me that he thinks I am the best Tai Chi student he has ever had and that his dad will be very impressed with me. That’s so awesome. I’m in leg braces and I’m still the best. I was so excited I told Mum all about it. She made an extra special dinner for me. Dad says he’ll take me somewhere extra special this Sunday. I can’t wait.

2nd of March 3016

29 Jan

We have to be on our best behaviour in class from now on. On the last day before our mid semester break Mr Tong’s father is visiting all the way from Earth and if we’re really good for the rest of the term Mr Tong will bring him to school and let him tell us stories and teach us super special Tai Chi. I am going to be even better behaved than usual. I don’t know how to do that but I will try.

24th February 3016

10 Dec

Had an awesome time in a secret area today. Joshua and I sped up all the moves from Tai Chi and used them to play Super Ninja Rabbeets. Tai Chi is awesome. I can leap heaps higher than I used too. Tarni told me she was really impressed on how high I could kick too. She says I can kick higher than her and she doesn’t even have leg braces. She’s perfect. One day I will be perfect too.

17th February 3016

4 Dec

What an amazing day! Tai Chi as always on a Wednesday. Amazing! I love it! But Mr Tong also told us a story about China again. He spoke all about the traditions of China and how on Earth each country had different cultures. He made it all sound so interesting! He then spoke about how the surface, the underground and the underwater people on Giovanus and how they have different cultures. Then he spoke about how each class within our school sort of had its own culture. It was so interesting! We’re going to be doing a lot more stuff on culture apparently. Firstly we are doing a research project on our own families. We have to look at the kinds of things we believe and find out all about our parents, our grandparents and as far back as we can go. I can’t wait! Each Thursday we’ll get to share a story about our own family with the class. I am very excited.

10th February 3016

27 Nov

Tai Chi today. Awesome. Loved it. Tai Chi is the best. I could do it all day long. Well not all day long because I would get tired. I am so much stronger from doing it. I can move heaps better now. I love Tai Chi. I hope we have Mr Tong forever. He is the best teacher ever.

26th January 3016

5 Nov

I told everyone how to make chocolate caramel bomb cupcakes today. Mum made enough so that I could give everyone in my class one and Mr Tong. Everyone loved them. It was a big hit. So was Tarni’s singing. She has a beautiful voice just like her mum. She is glamorous and gorgeous just like her mum. We got to do Tai Chi again today. I can’t believe my first week at school is over and it’s been so awesome!

24th January 3016

2 Nov

I didn’t think that today could be any better than yesterday but it was! We got to learn Tai Chi. Mr Tong said that his dad began teaching it to him when he was our age and that we can do it with him every Wednesday afternoon and if we’re good we can do it Friday afternoon as well!!!! I thought with my heavy leg braces I wouldn’t be able to do it but I could. I love Tai Chi! It’s going to make me so strong. Mr Tong said I’m really good at it and he’s sure it’ll help with my legs. I feel stronger already. On Friday we get to teach everyone else in the class something we have learnt from our parents. I am going to have to think really hard about what I can teach people.