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6th of March 3016

29 Jan

I am so excited. I am meant to be in bed asleep but I just can’t sleep because I am so excited. I can’t wait for tomorrow. I wonder what we’re doing. Maybe we’re going to see butterflies again, or going on a picnic. I don’t know. I am heaps excited. Joshua is excited too. He’s bought a new vest for the occasion. Joshua loves his ties and vests. He looks very smart in them. So excited!!!!

15th February 3016

30 Nov

I think that Harnimun is a mean kid. Firstly he called me Chloe Prime Alien Space Vet and laughed at Joshua the other day when he fell over. Secondly, I’m pretty sure that he was being mean today. We all got to feed and name our animals today. I called mine Amphibian. Amphibian the monkey. It’s a great name. Joshua called his cat Chaucer. Apparently that’s the name of some famous guy from ancient Earth. Anyways, Harnimun has a hippopotamus and called it Joshua. I think he was pretending that Joshua was an animal hippopotamus rather than a person. Mr Tong made him change the name, said we couldn’t use the same name as anyone in the class. His sculpture wasn’t even any good! He shouldn’t be making fun of anyone, ever. I told Mum about it. She said to ignore him and to just make sure I’m extra nice to Joshua is his feelings ever get hurt. Joshua’s a heaps nicer person than Harnimun.