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6th of March 3016

29 Jan

I am so excited. I am meant to be in bed asleep but I just can’t sleep because I am so excited. I can’t wait for tomorrow. I wonder what we’re doing. Maybe we’re going to see butterflies again, or going on a picnic. I don’t know. I am heaps excited. Joshua is excited too. He’s bought a new vest for the occasion. Joshua loves his ties and vests. He looks very smart in them. So excited!!!!

1st of March 3016

29 Jan

Awesome time in our secret area today. We decided to write in the secret book with our own stuff. We started writing all about ourselves and our favourite things and what we want to do. Joshua and I are going to become famous explorers in the Space Academy. It will be awesome. Tarni is going to become a model, an actress, a singer and a fairy. That’s pretty impressive. Elcob says he doesn’t know. That he’ll probably become a shuttle driver, or a shuttle washer, or something to do with shuttles. I suggested he become a shuttle designer because he likes them so much. He told me I was stupid.

23rd February 3016

10 Dec

We found a secret area in the Kinder Garden where we all play. It’s so cool! All us first years already get to have the Kinder Garden to play with and now we’ve got a special area again. It’s surrounded by a green hedge so it just looks like a hedge wall but there’s a small opening. We found a book in there and it said, “Welcome to the Secret Garden Club” and there are all kind of entries from students who have found this area in years before. I have to say nobody seems to have found it as early as we did. The earliest entry was 17th April! We are soooooo smart. The book goes right back to the year 2916! That’s so old. It’s the year the school started. It’s so exciting to be part of a secret club. I can’t wait to go back there tomorrow and read more of the club book.