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1st of March 3016

29 Jan

Awesome time in our secret area today. We decided to write in the secret book with our own stuff. We started writing all about ourselves and our favourite things and what we want to do. Joshua and I are going to become famous explorers in the Space Academy. It will be awesome. Tarni is going to become a model, an actress, a singer and a fairy. That’s pretty impressive. Elcob says he doesn’t know. That he’ll probably become a shuttle driver, or a shuttle washer, or something to do with shuttles. I suggested he become a shuttle designer because he likes them so much. He told me I was stupid.

25th January 3016

4 Nov

Tarni says she’s going to teach people how to sing tomorrow and Elcob says he’s going to teach people all the different parts of shuttles. Elcob loves shuttles. His dad fixes them. Elcob can’t fix them but he can name all the bits. Joshua says he’s not sure what he’s going to do. I told him me neither. I told him that I know how to talk to animals but I don’t know how to teach it. He said that was really cool. He didn’t laugh at me or anything. Usually people laugh at me when I tell them I can speak to animals. They never just believe me like Joshua did. He is awesome!