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4th of March 3016

29 Jan

We got set an extra special task today. We have to write a story about one of our grandparents or great grandparents, or great great great grandparents, someone older than our parents but in our family, and draw a picture, and we get to show it to Mr Tong’s dad when he comes. I am so excited. I will be working very hard on mine.

19th February 3016

9 Dec

Today was good. We got to write all the positive things we could think of about the other kids in our class and put it at their animal for them to read later. We didn’t put our names on it so it was all anonymous. It felt good to write so many nice things about people. It was also really nice reading all the nice comments from other people. Somebody wrote for Joshua – You are not an animal, you are a person. I think it was Harnimun. Looks like he’s not so bad after all.

Amazing Art Contributions

6 Dec

Check out the brand new art in the “Your Art” section. You will be able to see wonderful pieces like this – Annabelle - the characters of Chloe prime at school

They are all amazing. I am so impressed to see so many talented young artists out there.

11th February 3016

27 Nov

We got to do more work on the animals inside us today. We got to make models of the one we want to feed out of clay. They are being put in a kilp, a kilm, a kiln? Something very hot. Then tomorrow we get to paint it. I can’t wait. I love my good monkey. I’m going to put him in the kitchen when I get to take him home. One kid in the class made a bad one. That is so weird. Why would someone feed the bad one? Elcob didn’t even make a bad one. I think Elcob made a bird but I’m not sure.

Lens flare

9 Nov

My favourite tool in PhotoShop has got to be lens flare. Just do a couple of these on coloured background and you’ve got an awesome space feel. Then

add whatever effects you like, for example smudge stick or ink outline, for an even cooler image. I love you lens flare.

25th January 3016

4 Nov

Tarni says she’s going to teach people how to sing tomorrow and Elcob says he’s going to teach people all the different parts of shuttles. Elcob loves shuttles. His dad fixes them. Elcob can’t fix them but he can name all the bits. Joshua says he’s not sure what he’s going to do. I told him me neither. I told him that I know how to talk to animals but I don’t know how to teach it. He said that was really cool. He didn’t laugh at me or anything. Usually people laugh at me when I tell them I can speak to animals. They never just believe me like Joshua did. He is awesome!

23rd January 3016

1 Nov

We got to paint today. We’re doing stuff about our homes. We got to paint a picture of our homes and write about our homes today. It was cool. And then at the end of the day our teacher read us a story about his home when he was our age that he had written, and even showed us some pictures. It was so cool. Mr Tong comes from Earth from a place called China. That’s so incredible. He’s lived here for 20 years. 20 years is like forever! He must be so old. I bet he’s been alive longer than anybody else I have ever met. Joshua also had a really interesting picture and stories. He got to write about his old planet because he has just moved here. He’s the only Hippopotati at school so his stuff was so different from everyone elses. It was awesome!