Space Creatures


Giant bearlike men and women who are well known for their wood craft. Many of the universes finest carpenters are Bearids. They come from the Milky Way.



Gentle creatures with long trunk like noses. They have pale blue or pale green skin. They are quite large people and are known for having excellent memories.



Humanoid frog like creatures. Known for their great love of sunning themselves. They can often be found on deck chairs on beaches. They come from the Tadpole Galaxy.



They look like a cross between a hippopotamus and a human. They are well known for their relaxed and fun loving nature. They often sit about relaxing drinking iced tea. They come from the Sunflower Galaxy.



Descendants from Earth. Mankind. Two legs, two arms, two eyes, one nose, one head, one mouth, one heart. Humans. Us.



Large birdlike creatures with scruffy black and white feathers. They are known for their long, loud cackle, and their love of pumpernickel.



Aliens from Mars. They traditionally live underground and look quite humanoid but are marked by a faint blue hue to their skin. Martians are very similar to humans but are slighter because of the lower gravity on Mars; the average male is 160cm and the average female 155cm.



Very similar to humans but slightly smaller, furry and far more active. They use their feet and tails as much as their hands. They are known for their great love of travel and their love of the environment. Many of the universe’s greatest conservationists are Monkidges. They come from the juggles of Galtoria Major.



Very quiet, respectful, hard-working, humanoid rabbit creatures that live in harmony with the land. They are traditionally vegetarian and have fur that ranges from a soft pink to a beetroot colour. A small percentage of Rabbeets diligently practice a secret martial art passed on from family to family. As such many colloquially refer to Rabbeets as Ninja Rabbeets. They come from the Phoenix Galaxy Cluster.



Large creatures with long tusked noses and grey skin. The average male is approximately 190cm and the average female 185cm. Despite their enormous size they are a peace loving people. Except on the football field. They are great sports fans. They come from the Pinwheel Galaxy.



A racoonish, humanoid looking creature with large eyes. Their eyes are usually quite dark, but some Tanuche do have green eyes. They can be very quiet and timid and are known for their great manners. They come from the Pon Galaxy



Tiger like humanoid creatures with lovely orange fur and soft black stripes. They are well known for their beauty and grace but also their ferocious temper when provoked. The female Tiigeraes have large thick manes of hair. They come from Trehartys a small planet in the Gwyndoran Galaxy.

3 Responses to “Space Creatures”

  1. Ripley Connor January 30, 2013 at 3:34 PM #

    Hi! I’m an alien-terminator-human! Maybe I can be a character?

    • chloeprime January 31, 2013 at 7:53 PM #

      You sound like a great character. You should write a novel and put yourself as the starring character.

      • Ripley Connor February 2, 2013 at 1:11 PM #

        Thanks, I think you may be on to something! Continued success to you!

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