Schools in the Future

About Schools

In the 31st Century the school system is a different from 21st Century Earth. It is divided into four main groups, Alpha schools, Beta schools, Gamma schools and Delta schools. All children attend Alpha through to Gamma schools with only some attending Delta schools. Children start formal schooling when they are 5 turning 6 at Alpha Schools but they are already taught heaps of things at home, like as reading, writing and counting, before starting school.


Alpha Schools:

These are made up of years 1 through to 5. Children attend from the age of 5 through to 10. Alpha schools start at 10am and end at 2pm with a lunch and play break from 12noon to 1pm. Alpha schools concentrate on making learning fun and extend on the things already taught by parents such as counting, reading and writing. Alpha schools teach lots of things like including Mathematics, Communications (literature, media, conversations, lots of things), and History but always with a fun and positive focus.


Beta Schools:

Beta Schools go from years 6 through to 10. Children attend from the age of 10 to 15. Classes start at 10am and end at 3pm for years 6 and 7, and 9am to 3pm for years 8 to 10. Years 6 and 7 have 5 forty minute classes per day with a short 20 minute break known as little lunch and a longer forty minute break known as big lunch. Years 8 to 10 have 6 fifty minute classes per day and both little and big lunch. Beta Schools concentrate on four core areas, Communications (which covers literature, the media and interactions), Mathematics, Kinaesthetics (which explores movement and mind, both practically and in theory) and Science. Students are also given the opportunity to choose Selectives. Selectives are subjects of interest to students. You can study animals in some of the Selectives!!!


Gamma Schools:

Gamma schools are for big kids. They are for kids in years 11 and 12. Children attend from approximately the age of 15 through to 17. Gamma schools are broken into two types. Trade schools, which start preparing people for work, teaching skills needed to become productive citizens in the work force. These schools operate from 7am to 2pm. Lots of kids work part time in their trade after school hours. The other type of Gamma school is known as preparatory school. They prepare students to attend Delta schools. They start at 9am and end at 4pm and focus on the knowledge and understanding required for Delta education. Preparatory schools have 6 one hour classes or independent study sessions and 1 one hour lunch break. Subjects are mainly selective with Communications being the only core subject needed


Delta Schools:

Delta Schools consist of two groups. Universities, which are quite similar to 21st Century Earth universities, and academies. Academies train up the best and the brightest to help explore and defend the universe. They require a wide range of skills ranging from doctors to archaeologists to military personnel. The most famous and exclusive academy is the Space Academy. I want to go to the Space Academy when I grow up.



Kinder Garden:

A separate play area where children in their first year at Alpha and Beta schools can play and get used to their new school without worrying about older students. I hear that it started in Earth.


New Earth College:

This is the most prestigious school in Giovanus and one of the best in the entire universe. People come from all over to send their children to the New Earth College. It is set on three different campuses for Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Schools. They have great subjects on animals.



These are subjects that are of interest to students in a range of fields. They cover topics like vet and marine science as well as opera and ballet.


Space Academy:

The Space Academy is the pinnacle of galactic expansion. The Space Academy trains the best of the best to be even better. Members of the Space Academy patrol the universe and outaverse to ensure the safety of all; they also help to develop planets, provide aid, discover new planets and generally have awesome adventures. I have read all its brochures over and over again because I want to go join!

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