Chloe Prime’s Family and Friends

My Family



My dad is an intergalactic, superstar, hotshot lawyer. He likes playing forts, running, hiking and running. He thinks he’s a really good cook but he’s not.



Mum is the nicest person I know. She gives the best hugs and always knows how to make me feel better. Mum has super hearing. You can never keep secrets from Mum.



Glen might just be a fish to some people but he’s the first pet I ever had and I’ve known him since I was three. I love him. He can’t eat gluten because it makes his tummy sad.


My Friends



I don’t know if Elcob is really my friend but my dad says I have to be friends with him because he’s friends with Elcob’s dad. I don’t think that’s a great reason. I have known Elcob for all my life. He is a year older than me. Elcob is rude and upsets lots of people. He likes shuttles and telling people what to do. Elcob is the only person I know who is shorter than me. Dad says he’s a human but I’m not so sure about that.



Is a really cool Hippopotati that I met on my first day of school. He is the most awesomest ever. He knows everything and is the smartest person I have ever met.  He likes studying, reading, wearing a vest and excavation. His birthday is only two days before mine! Joshua wants to join the Space Academy just like me! Awesome! He is going to be the most famous archaeologist in history.



I have known Tarni forever. She likes fairies, brushing her hair and singing. She is very pretty and has longer hair than anybody else I have ever known. I sometimes wish I had green eyes, like hers. Her mum went to school with my mum and they have been friends forever. Tarni is in a band with her parents and her older sister Roxy. They Rock. Tarni is 4 months younger than me. She was born on the 28th of October 3011. I think it must be Rocktober because Tarni rocks.

One Response to “Chloe Prime’s Family and Friends”

  1. Off the Speedo January 31, 2013 at 8:25 PM #

    As my feline son would say – this is Paw(e)some! Thanks for sharing.

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