About Planet Giovanus

Giovanni Colompedia:

Giovanni Colompedia is my great great great great great great grandfather. Well I’m not sure exactly how many greats but there’s a lot of them. He discovered Giovanus in the 24th Century. He was a brave hero explorer and roamed the galaxy looking for a nice place to live. Luckily he found Giovanus and then had his family come join him. Then everybody wanted to come live here because it’s so awesome. He particularly liked Giovanus because it has really good soil and he loved gardening. He loved fishing and tennis too. More than anything he loved growing lemon trees. This was unfortunate as because he hated lemonade. I am really really really really proud to be related to Giovanni and so is my dad. My dad likes fishing too!


Giovanus is the bestest planet in the whole wide universe! From a distance it looks blue because it is covered 68% by water. Not that you’d know it because when you’re on land you mainly look at the land. Except when you go to the beach. It is the planet located third from its sun. We sometimes call the sun Elsa, because that’s what Giovanni Colompedia called it, after his wife. That is so romantic. The sky is bright blue and has lots of oxygen and ozone. I think it must also have carbon because I have been told that we’re all carbon based life forms. Like a pencil? From what I have been told it is quite similar to Earth but with better soil and a brighter sky. That’s why so many humans move here. But I have never been to earth so I don’t know.  It is considered to be one of the best planets in the universe because it has really good schools and lots of friendly people. 70% of the surface population of Giovanus are human.  Before Giovanni arrived Giovanus did have native inhabitants. They are called the Oriarn. The Oriarn lived in a small patch of desert located in Giovanus’s northern hemisphere and live underground. Because Giovanni Colompedia ignored the desert in the north and the Oriarn rarely came above ground it was about two hundred years before they encountered each other.


The Oriarn are native inhabitants of Giovanus. They once lived above the surface in giant cities but overdeveloped the planet and so had to go live underground about 2500 years before Giovanni Colompedia discovered the Giovanus.  The Oriarn are a tall slender fair skinned people who almost glow white. They are very beautiful. They are very peaceful and treasure knowledge above all else. Although the surface of Giovanus is really nice now they still stay underground because they like it better there. They are a very spiritual people and have many temples that are filled with plants and animals. Some of the most beautiful buildings in creation are underground with the Oriarn.


The Giovanian year consists of 364 days, which is divided into 13 months, of 4 weeks each. With so many inhabitants being of Earth descent the months are named the same as that on Earth with a 13th month called Orianuary.


This exists on the outer reaches of the universe. It is wild frontier land and quite rural. The most prominent galaxy in the outaverse is Bacwada and its two most noted planets are Pictonia and Bacovberk.


This consists of all civilized galaxies. The most famous galaxies in the universe are the Milky Way, Andromeda and Triangulum.

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