16th February 3016

4 Dec

Well it’s confirmed. Harnimun is not a nice kid. He took one of the double jam space biscuits I gave Amphibian and gave it to his hippopotamus. He says he didn’t do it but how else did his animal get Amphibian’s biscuit? I told Dad about it. He asked what I did. I told him I took the biscuit back. Dad says that was the right thing to do. Harnimun tried to say Amphibian must have given it to his animal so I shouldn’t take it. He said if I took it back he’d take something from me. Elcob told him to shut up. Sometimes I am happy when Elcob is rude. Harnimun tried to say he was just joking but I don’t think he was. I think if my friends hadn’t stuck by me he would have. I love my friends. We always stick together.

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