22nd January 3016

31 Oct

First day at New Earth Alpha School. BEST DAY EVER! Also scariest day ever! But still the BEST DAY EVER!!!! I made a new friend. He is so awesome. He’s a Hippoptati. He is so smart. He wears glasses and a vest. He reads books as thick as my dad reads. We nearly got into trouble today but Joshua saved us because he is so smart! We were chasing a bird to find out what it had to say and I nearly went “out of bounds”. “Out of bounds” is somewhere you aren’t allowed to go. But Joshua saw the sign and stopped me. A teacher came and yelled at us but Joshua let her know that we hadn’t gone “out of bounds” and so it was all okay. I’d like to know what bounds are but I don’t want to tell Mum and Dad that I was nearly “out of bounds”. I told Mum and Dad about Joshua. He’s apparently new to Giovanus. His family have moved just around the corner from us. Mum says we can have them over for dinner some time. How awesome is that. I don’t think Tarni likes Elcob very much but she is being nice to him. We all ended up in the same class along with Joshua so that’s cool. Elcob sits next to Joshua so Tarni doesn’t have to deal with him too much. She’ll get used to him. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

2 Responses to “22nd January 3016”

  1. susanna November 1, 2012 at 3:11 AM #

    Hippoptati is our fav little boy xo So smart & thoughtful … well dressed too 🙂

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