21st January 3016

30 Oct

Dad and I went to the zoo today and we brought Mum along. Mum loves zoos. I do too. I get to talk to so many animals. A monkey told me that the signs saying not to feed the animals were a joke and so I tried to give him a banana but Dad took it away from me. It would be so much easier if everyone would just listen to animals and not just me. Mum and I found the butterfly enclosure and we all went in there. It was awesome! I can’t believe how awesome it was. There were so many different kinds of butterflies. I wish butterflies would stop being so shy and speak to me too. Mum and Dad bought me a big butterfly to put up in my room. It isn’t a real one but it’s still really cool. First day of school tomorrow. I am getting so nervous! There are gonna be so many kids there! Mum says that there will be 80 kids in my year and 3 different classes. I hope Tarni and I are in the same class. I wonder if we’ll make new friends. I wonder if Elcob will shower. I wonder what we’ll do at school. I wonder a lot of things.

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