3rd January 3016

27 Oct

Tarni came over to play today. She didn’t want to play Fairies today. She wanted to play tea parties. We had to drink air from cups and pretend we were eating cake. I don’t get it. Tarni seemed to like it. Then she wanted to play hair dressers so we went and asked our Mums for some scissors, Tarni’s mum said it was time for Tarni to go home but they’d come and play again next week. I think Tarni’s mum would come over and play even if Tarni and I weren’t around. Her and Mum are always talking and laughing loudly. It’s good because then Tarni and I can do whatever we want. I spent the rest of the day in my garden talking to my goldfish. Glen says he’s sick of rice crackers, I think I’ll try to give him some soy beans tomorrow. He wants bread like the rest of the fish but he gets all fat and angry when he eats bread. He just bobs on the top of the water snapping at everyone. Hopefully he likes soy beans because I’m not giving him bread.

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