1st January 3016

27 Oct

Today is New Year’s Day. Everybody has been making New Year’s Resolutions so I decided to make one too. I asked Mum and Dad what they were and they said that they’re new things that people want to do, or old things that they don’t want to do anymore. I said that my New Year’s Resolution was to start school. Dad says that’s not really a resolution because I have to start school this year anyway. Mum says it’s a good resolution and one that I am sure to keep. I also made another resolution but I haven’t told my parents about it. I have resolutioned to get out of my leg braces. I don’t like them and I don’t like having hip dysphasia. I wish my dysphasia would just go away and I could just not have my itchy leg braces on any more. Then I could swing on monkey bars like the other kids at the park. I’m too heavy to swing properly with these braces. They’re not so bad I guess. I can still run okay and do most things. But I’m still resolutioned to get them off.

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