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22nd January 3016

31 Oct

First day at New Earth Alpha School. BEST DAY EVER! Also scariest day ever! But still the BEST DAY EVER!!!! I made a new friend. He is so awesome. He’s a Hippoptati. He is so smart. He wears glasses and a vest. He reads books as thick as my dad reads. We nearly got into trouble today but Joshua saved us because he is so smart! We were chasing a bird to find out what it had to say and I nearly went “out of bounds”. “Out of bounds” is somewhere you aren’t allowed to go. But Joshua saw the sign and stopped me. A teacher came and yelled at us but Joshua let her know that we hadn’t gone “out of bounds” and so it was all okay. I’d like to know what bounds are but I don’t want to tell Mum and Dad that I was nearly “out of bounds”. I told Mum and Dad about Joshua. He’s apparently new to Giovanus. His family have moved just around the corner from us. Mum says we can have them over for dinner some time. How awesome is that. I don’t think Tarni likes Elcob very much but she is being nice to him. We all ended up in the same class along with Joshua so that’s cool. Elcob sits next to Joshua so Tarni doesn’t have to deal with him too much. She’ll get used to him. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

21st January 3016

30 Oct

Dad and I went to the zoo today and we brought Mum along. Mum loves zoos. I do too. I get to talk to so many animals. A monkey told me that the signs saying not to feed the animals were a joke and so I tried to give him a banana but Dad took it away from me. It would be so much easier if everyone would just listen to animals and not just me. Mum and I found the butterfly enclosure and we all went in there. It was awesome! I can’t believe how awesome it was. There were so many different kinds of butterflies. I wish butterflies would stop being so shy and speak to me too. Mum and Dad bought me a big butterfly to put up in my room. It isn’t a real one but it’s still really cool. First day of school tomorrow. I am getting so nervous! There are gonna be so many kids there! Mum says that there will be 80 kids in my year and 3 different classes. I hope Tarni and I are in the same class. I wonder if we’ll make new friends. I wonder if Elcob will shower. I wonder what we’ll do at school. I wonder a lot of things.

20th January 3016

30 Oct

Elcob still came over even though I was cheese sick. He wanted to play in my cubbyhouse but he fell over and ruined it. He’s so clumsy. Dad said we could remake the cubbyhouse as good as new. I didn’t want to make a cubbyhouse with Elcob but we made one anyway and it turned out okay. Elcob didn’t help much. He just sat and told me and our dads what he thought we should do. His dad kept telling him to be quiet and that he knew how to make cubbyhouses. My dad just laughed a lot. The cubbyhouse turned more into a cubbyfort. We played soldiers for a bit in there. It was as fun as tea parties. I guess I could play with Elcob again, if Dad hangs around. But I hope Elcob showers next time… and brushes his teeth.

19th January 3016

30 Oct

I ate a block of cheese for breakfast.

18th January 3016

30 Oct

Mum let me keep my cubbyhouse up today. We had afternoon tea in there. I think Mum likes the cubbyhouse as much as I do. I’m going to sleep in there tonight with my bear Sinbad. Sinbad is my favourite toy. Sinbad is the best.

17th January 3016

30 Oct

Tarni and I had the best time today. We made a cubbyhouse out of pillows and blankets in my room and stayed in there all day. Our mums let us eat in there and everything. They even came in with us for a bit. Tarni’s mum is so much fun. She even brought a guitar into our cubbyhouse and sang us a song. I love it when Tarni’s mum sings. Tarni’s mum is so glamorous and gorgeous. She is the most famourist person I know. She is a professinalist singer.

16th January 3016

30 Oct

My neighbour Bradley brought his dog around today. He said his dog had been really angry of late. I said of course he was angry because he has bad teeth. I told him he needs to brush his teeth but he should take him to a vet first. I want to be vet when I grow up. I like talking to animals and helping them. I don’t know why people don’t just listen to their pets. If they did they wouldn’t get bad teeth.